Our Mission

Meet Every Client’s Expectations

Clients are different and so are their expectations towards quality features, services and pricing .We care for every client’s individual expectation on our company, irrespective the size of his demand .Important is the one who enters the Sinno door.

Achieve & Sustain International Standards

Quality Management, Considered as a permanent and genuine effort to achieve and maintain highest standards, is a fix element of our self understanding.Therefore,we follow the international standardization of quality system in the base of the Din ISO9000 ff.Norm . We are supposed to award the ISO certification in the coming months.

Develop New Policies and Procedures For Quality Products and Services

In the course of time , everything in our business is subject to changes, the fashion , the textiles, the customer expectations .In order to cope with the future’s challenges we keep track with new trends in production and sales .Instruments like customer/supplier questioning and market -/price studies deliver data for decision – making and well thought out course.

Secure Equal Treatment For Internal and External Clients

Our name is a synonym for sound business practice and Fairness since decades. We are aware of the obligation to maintain and enhance our image with respect to our clients , employees ,suppliers, community and anyone who deals with us.

Our Brands