Sinno’s Company History

In 1923 the company started its business in Khan AlShouni (Down Town ),today better known as "Solidere", in a commercial shop which dealt mainly with linen textiles. The importing rate of goods from Europe ,Basically Belgium ,Germany &England had been quite high. At that time, the company was considered as the major supplier and wholesaler for Beirut District and the entire "Grand Syria”(Near East).

In 1950 a parallel business entity emerged in the famous commercial Allemby Street, Down Town .For the first time standardized products from the Sinno manufacturing were offered in a retail shop. Before, home tailor made of bed and bathroom articles had been dominant.

Now, home linen articles and men clothes were offered finalized, ready to wear clothing sold at well – studied prices like the Sinno Brand articles "Jappa” a high quality men shirt. This new business segment directed by Mohammed Sinno was named Sinno Nouveates. The response to his pioneers’ business proved to be outstanding. It was the beginning of local market leadership with relevant market shares in the region till 1975.

In 1975 the impact of the civil war proved to be disastrous to the so far prosperous family business, First, the company was obliged to shift its commercial activities to anew and relative secure location in Mar Elias, Talaat Shehade .This shop remained to be an important business unit, Sinno has lost both stores in Allemby Street ( Sinno Nouveates ) and in Khan AL Shouni (Sinno Commercial).In addition , the warehouses as well as the production line for manufacturing were completely destroyed .

Efforts for the reestablishment of the original Sinno business had been facing sizable obstacles and postwar barriers with respect to security, infrastructure problems (electricity, communications &transportation)”and a flattering economical environment.

Sinno has succeeded to recapture a leading market position in Lebanon providing and selling final commodities with high quality standards (bed & bathroom Articles, Lingerie, Accessories). Furthermore, Sinno is well known for alteration services & custom- made products for commercial and clientele.